Representative Chan filed 82 bills in the 2019-2020 legislative session, some of which are highlighted below. For the latest updates on all of his legislation, please click here

Labor/Workers Protections

HD302 An Act relative to collective bargaining dues
The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 41-year precedent in the Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 case, ruling that public workers who benefit from collective-bargaining efforts do not need to pay for said efforts.  This legislation would allow unions to charge non-members a reasonable fee for union representation in grievance and arbitration cases.

HD3674 An Act requiring OSHA training
Currently, only workers on public works projects are required to complete the OSHA 10 hour safety course.  This legislation would expand this practice to all public and private projects over $10,000.  It would also create better consumer transparency for people looking to hire companies that do not have a series of safety violations.

Consumer Protections

HD3673 An Act relative to consumer rights of renters
This legislation clearly defines what realtors can and cannot charge renters for their services and prohibits predatory practices that force renters to commit to unregulated fees for fear of losing their housing.

HD3874 An Act to protect consumers from predatory electric supplier practices
Several reports last year from the Attorney General’s office and the National Consumer Law Center found that some electric suppliers frequently use deceptive practices, many specifically targeting low-income and non-English speaking residents, when interacting with customers. This legislation would increase transparency and accountability within the competitive electric supply market, requiring more detailed price disclosure to consumers on electricity bills, registration of door-to-door solicitors with local police, and the establishment of an Ombudsman position within the Department of Public Utilities to manage consumer complaints. 


HD928 An Act regulating sex offender registration in the 21st century
Currently, there is no requirement for sex offenders to submit their electronic aliases, addresses, and domains as part of the sex offender registration process.  This bill would bring the registration process up-to-date with modern electronic means.

HD929 An Act relative to drug driving
With the legalization of marijuana, this bill would allow certified drug recognition experts to determine if an individual is driving under the influence of drugs not detectable by medical means.


HD338 An Act relative to providing dental care to senior citizens
As part of the 2010 Medicaid cuts, adult dental care funding was cut by nearly 50%.  There was a sharp incline in the number of dental related emergency room visits, which typically cost far more than a visit to a dentist and do not provide the same level of expertise and care.  Many dental issues are preventable, but if left untreated can increase your risk for other health problems including heart disease.  This legislation would reinstate dental coverage for adults over the age of 65, as seniors are particularly affected by lack of dental care.

HD367 An Act establishing senior citizen toll discount on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Ted Williams Tunnel and the Tobin Bridge
This bill would allow individuals aged 65 years and over to apply for a 25% discount on tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Ted Williams Tunnel and the Tobin Bridge.

HD1357 An Act relative to mandatory reporting of elder abuse
This bill would require persons who provide services to senior citizens to become mandatory reporters for elder abuse. 

Military & Veterans Affairs 

HD1258 An Act increasing the annuity for gold star families
This legislation would increase the annuity awarded to families who have lost a family member serving in the armed forces during a time of conflict, raising the amount from $2,000 to $2,500.


HD388 An Act to remove the film tax credit expiration date
This legislation would remove the sunset clause for the film tax credit, which is set to expire in 2022.  The film and television industries have created thousands of jobs in Massachusetts and help support small businesses across the state, but with the prospect of a sunset clause we would lose this valuable part of the local economy.

Asian Caucus Priority Legislation

HD3732 An Act ensuring equitable representation in the Commonwealth
This legislation requires standardized collection and reporting of race and ethnicity data by state agencies (only those that already collect demographic data), to improve government and community services while protecting the privacy of Massachusetts residents.

Local Aid

In the Fiscal Year 2020 House Budget, Tackey, along with the Quincy legislative delegation, successfully secured: 

  • $28.6 million in Chapter 70 funding for Quincy Public Schools, a 4.3% increase over FY19

  • $20.27 million of unrestricted general assistance to the City of Quincy, a 2.75% increase over FY19

  • $900,000 for maintenance and seasonal staffing of metropolitan beaches in Quincy, Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, and Hull

  • $100,000 to begin development of a new urgent care facility at Manet Community Health Center, North Quincy

  • $150,000 for Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.

  • $95,000 for additional patrols during the summer at Wollaston Beach and Furnace Brook Parkway

  • $75,000 for Quincy Housing Authority to complete security upgrades in senior housing facilities

  • $50,000 for Germantown Neighborhood Center

  • $50,000 for the Quincy Fire Department’s Hazmat Program

  • $25,000 for the Quincy Council on Aging (Department of Elder Affairs)

Chapter 90 Transportation Funding

  • $1.9 million for the City of Quincy to repair and rebuild roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure