Representative Chan filed 78 bills this legislative session, some of which are highlighted below. For the latest updates on all of his legislation, please click here

House Bill 1002: An Act relative to compliance with the prevailing wage laws of the Commonwealth
Prevailing wage laws in the state of Massachusetts should include offsite fabrication work for qualified projects; the wage required should be paid in full.

House Bill 3135: An Act protecting wages of employees who receive wages through an electronic wage card
Establishes that employees who recieve wages through a payroll card account must be allowed to do so at least once per week without charge for any amount up to their net wages for the pay period. Employees who recieve wages by credit or payroll account card must be provided with a means of checking their account balances through automated telephone system or online through the Internet.

House Bill 3136: An Act to require employers to employ individuals to be trained in OSHA
Employers in the construction industry who are overseen by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are required to have its employees recieve a minimum of fifteen hours of OSHA training that is relative to the work that the employee is expected to do. If independent contractors are hired, it should follow that they also recieve a minimum of fifteen hours of OSHA training relative to their work.

House Bill 232: An Act requiring food allergen certification in vocational schools
Students enrolled in culinary arts programs must receive the Department of Public Health's food allergen certification as part of the completion of their culinary program.

House Bill 339: An Act relative to mandatory reporting of elder abuse
Establishes a training program for identifying elder abuse and neglect and requires the mandatory reporting to the Department of Elder Affairs of any form of physical, enotional abuse or neglect for persons over the age of 60.

House Bill 82: An Act to provide an income tax exemption for families caring for their elderly relatives at home
Provides an income tax exemption of four thousand dollars to an at-home care provider of an elderly person if the elderly person is age seventy before the taxable year.

House Bill 2886: An Act directing the administration to amend the frail elder home and community-based waiver to permit eligible older adults to choose to reside in certified assisted living residences
Allows those who qualify for Medicaid and are at risk of entering a nursing home to be elgible to live in an assisted living home, provided that they having a waiver from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

House Bill 1730: An Act relative to double poles
A distribution or telephone company that is completing an installation or removal of a double pole must do so in a timely manner or be subject to fines paid to the municipality. The owner of the pole must also notify all other users of the installation or removal prior to the work being completed; this owner is responsible for fining other user who have not removed their wiring and other attachments that have caused delay in the completion of work.

Local Aid

In the Fiscal Year 2019 House Budget, Tackey, along with the Quincy legislative delegation, successfully secured: 

  • $27.3 million in Chapter 70 funding for Quincy Public Schools
  • $19.7 million of unrestricted general assistance to the City of Quincy
  • $900,000  for maintenance and seasonal staffing of metropolitan beaches in Quincy, Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, and Hull
  • $100,000 for an integrated behavioral health program at Manet Community Health Center
  • $100,000  for Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.
  • $95,000 for additional patrols during the summer at Wollaston Beach and Furnace Brook Parkway
  • $75,000 for Quincy Housing Authority to install new security systems 
  • $50,000 for Germantown Neighborhood Center
  • $25,000 for the Quincy Council on Aging (Department of Elder Affairs)

Chapter 90 Transportation Funding

  • $1.9 million for the City of Quincy to repair and rebuild roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure